Research Team

Swasthi Foundation

The Research & Development Wing


Change is the only constant. Outlooks, Methods, Needs, Things, Uses – you name it, everything undergoes metamorphosis. This is the only constant we can rightly predict.

However it is not as if we are all helpless logs of wood, tossed about in a sea waiting to be taken where the tide take us. In the fields of Science, Technology, Medicine, Economics, Management etc., mankind has taken up predictive studies to lay new paths for change to take in its onward march. This has been proven correct in an overwhelmingly large percentage of cases.

Social Change, Healthcare, Environment, etc.. have taken to research seriously and the need for the knowledgeable prediction has become the need of the hour.

Swasthi Foundation with its feet planted firmly in the fields of Healthcare, Social Welfare and Environment Protection, need the predictions and innovations that a research team can provide it. Tomorrow need to be as near our perception of it as possible and only through research and innovation can we hope for this to be true.

With this in mind Swasthi Foundation has formed its own research and development team.